Wild Spirit Yoga – Just another way of loving life

The scent of pine trees in the early morning, the fog winds still hanging between the trees and the first rays

Foto: Simon Klees

of sunshine appear between the treetops and let the coast shine in a marvelous light – I know I´m home!

I love the vastness over the sea, because it means true freedom for my soul. I love the ocean when I flirt with the power of the elements while surfing. And above all, I love yoga, because I can curb a little bit of the mess in my head. I like to combine all this while traveling, where I can forget the time and let myself be inspired by new places and people.

That is why Wild Spirit Yoga is the expression of my life.

How it begun…

I can still remember my first Yoga class. I was 14 or 15 years old when I just wanted to try a new “sport” and I went to a yoga class. At that time, I was everything, just not ready for a yoga lesson. When the teacher started with the breathing exercises, I just thought that I had managed to breathe alone very well in the past and that I wasn´t there to sit around and just breath. I wasn´t ready to understand what it was all about and I just came there to move my body and be in shape. I just was not ready back then…

My parents taught me how to appreciate the smallest things in life; how to be a happy and healthy human being. But today I feel we live in a society where pressure is a part of every day life. We are always held to think at least five steps ahead or to hang in the past and in which, as a tiny part of the whole, we tend to lose our individuality and the connection to our inner selves. We loose the ability to listen to ourselves; not allowing ourselves to step back and to reconnect with our natural origin. Our Society tends to keep us busy, teaches us how to work and live under pressure and how to perform best.

My way to Yoga philosophy…

After I came back from the United States from studying psychology and working as an Au Pair – I had begun to study law. In the USA I had found my turning point in my life that opened my eyes to reality. The business of my everyday life got me seeking for balance. I was so stressed, so unhappy, that everything my parents taught me in life, I wasn’t able to implement anymore.

That was when stumbled across my first article about Yoga philosophy.
The men the article was about, a yogi, said, that everything in life that happens, we are responsible for. Angry and curious at the same time, questions like “how can I be responsible for facing death at such a young age?” and “how is it possible I am responsible for an inherited disease?” faced questions like: “what if its really true and I am responsible for what happens in my life?” and “what if it just need a change in the way of thinking to quite with all the pain?”.
Curiosity finally prevailed, because the interviewed Yogi seemed to be very sure of what he was talking about. In addition, I had never looked in so “a deep trust” radiating eyes before. Later i found out, that the Yogi of the interview was Thích Nhất Hạnh, a vietnamese buddhist monk.

Over the time I dove deeper and deeper into the yogic philosophy, took Yoga classes and started to meditate. After six years of practice, I had integrated Yoga in my everyday life.

What Yoga did to my life…

Yoga showed me a way back to my roots, back to my inner self. It made me change my thought patterns, seeing things from different vantage points and a whole other perspective. I learned to ground myself again and how to deal with everyday life ́s business. Simply, it gave me back the joy of living life to the fullest.

But there were two most important things I learned: one was that it is on me how to handle things that happen to me and how I want to react on them. Second was, that I could trust in life! Nothings happens for no reason.

That was the time when the deep desire (urge) grow to pass that feeling of inner peace and freedom on and when I made the most radical choice I made so far: I quite my law studies to become a Yoga teacher.

It took me two years to find the (for me) right teacher and I went to his Ashram to get taught by him.

The Yoga teacher training in the ashram…

I can honestly say that this YTT (Yoga teacher training) was the most intense, confronting and clarifying experience I´ve ever made so far. Some of my classmates broke up or didn’t finish the training, but in the end it was the best thing I could have ever done!
The YTT included Hatha and Yin Yoga (anatomy, ayurveda, philosophy, how to teach, pregnancy- and kidsyoga, etc.).
No certificate, no degree and no award before, made me feel so proud, happy and blissful as when I finally held my yoga teacher’s certificate in my hands. I literally cried my eyes out! (:

and so the journey begun…

By now I taught over more then 900 students, from age of 5 to 73. People from more then 16 countries and 4 continents. People from all different kinds of backgrounds and with different lifestyles. I taught Surf-Yoga classes constituted for the muscles we need for surfing, traditional Hatha Yoga classes to build up strength and keep our body and mind balanced and healthy, Yin Yoga classes to reach into the deep muscle and fascia areas to clean the whole system from stored away emotions and traumas, Yoga Nidra classes to deeply relax and Yoga Retreats like an Anti Stress and Burnout Prevention Retreats to learn how to deal with the busyness of life and to stay healthy after all.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet so many beautiful souls doing what I love the most: sharing a way that had helped me before too. A way how Yoga can change your life in a very simple way -> how to listen to your body, how to connect with your inner self again and how everyone is able to create a happy trusting feeling by themselves.

It doesn´t matter how you look on your mat or how flexible you are; whether you can touch your feet with your hands or not – on the mat the only thing that matters is you and how you can sooth the blurred thoughts.

You learn to listen to your heart, to trust the intuition and to accept what is. As a bonus you will have a healthy body being in balance of strength and flexibility.

I can honestly say that I love what I do. That teaching Yoga is more than a just job for me and that I am now the happiest version of myself. So my biggest “Thanks!” to my students. You make it worth it!

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