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Anti Stress and burnout prevention Retreat

This Retreat is all about finding back to your inner self. Escape from your daily routine, allow yourself to withdraw and leave your stress behind. Take a complete timeout to finde back to your roots.

Surf And Yoga

Enjoy an awesome pre-summer vacation. Out in nature, with garden grown, organic delicious foods, daily Surf-Yoga Sessions as well as integrated Surf Lessons (Beginner classes or advanced).

The Art Of Being Happy

The “art” of being happy – who does not want to control it? To let go, to relax the mind, to shut down the thoughts and being without worries about the future and regrets about the past – all this is possible because happiness is within ourselves.

Golden Autumn

We invite you to shake off your winter / autumn lazyness. Dive into a golden autumn on the countryside, close to the  Atlantic Ocean in Portugal. Small time out with great effects!


Visions - A New Year

This Retreat is all about letting go, leaving behind and looking forward to a new year with whole new VISIONS. We make ourselves cuddly, give in to ourselves and find ourselves. 


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