My insecurities – what are yours?

Dear lovely YOU,

recently I got critical comments on the picture, because it shows my butt and the person was pointing out that “ass and titts are always good selling” and went in doubt with my awareness, which is a big topic when it comes to Yoga

At first I was really sad, because it was never my attention and of course I never wanted to defend someone with this post.
Before I posted this picture the first time, I really was struggling with myself. Weather I should post it or not. But not because it shows a backside of a human being, but because it was MY backside. My butt is the part on my body I’m insecure about the most. There were times when I not even wear shorts nor went to the beach without covering myself with pants or a long skirt. Even if it was covered I really didn’t like it (its huge, has stretch marks from growing to fast in my teens and I thought it just isnt nice to look at).
But how can you teach your students to love themselves, when you can’t even love yourself?!

Thats the picture it is all about – showing “too much”.

We live in a society which makes it so freaking difficult, to not define ourselves over our bodies. Which makes it even harder to accept, if we are not looking like a top model.
When I start practicing Yoga I started accepting myself more and more. It gives you a whole other view about things and not at least about yourself. You not only learn to accept your body, you learn to love it step by step. It is the home of your soul and so much more than only a construct for other people to look at and judge you by appearance. Don’t get hung up on what your body looks like. Focus on what your body can do!
Our insecurities and our confidence go hand in hand. When we hide certain aspects of our bodies away, we accentuate them as “flaws” in our minds. When fact is that by shying away we create the very same insecurity we are trying to get away from. By embracing everything about ourselves without hiding our “flaws” we create confidence, strength, power. Another aspect is, that no one judges you more harshly than you self do. So listen: The only.one who can make yourself feel bad about yourself or your body, is you!!! So treat yourself nicely.
You deserve a good life and happiness and beach days that center around sunshine and ocean – not around trying to hide yourself away.
So this picture for me shows, even when it’s covered, my biggest insecurity. But I posted it anyways. Not only to show the posture, but also as a little selfexercise to remember, to accept and love my body and to be aware of it.
And we all know deep down, that the thing about our body we’ve been so hung up on, mostly nobody else sees or feels the same about it!

99% of the people out there are too preoccupied with their own insecurities to give a shit about yours! Half of the time our insecurities are imagined and distorted.

So thanks to those who were criticising the picture, because it gave me a reminder on the nonsense of my insecurities and a chance to remember to look behind the scene before judging someone.
Sending you love and shanti.


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