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My name is Lisa and I am a Yoga teacher and coach for modern spirituality. I´m happy to welcome you to my site and share my journey with you!

Nowadays Yoga often seems to be misunderstood  as a sport for young, well-trained youngsters with slender, beautiful bodies. On social media platforms like instagram and facebook, the most beautiful and well-trained ones seem to battle each other with the most difficult Asanas (poses) and who can hold them in the most accurate way – even if its only for the second in which the camera shutter * clicks *.
I do not want to acquit myself of instagram and Co.; I also use social media. However, I want to make clear that this is not Yoga. At least not exclusively.

Yoga, originated in ancient India, is a philosophy (one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy).

Yoga is a way to get closer to yourself and to enable the flow of energy. Enjoying the body postures (Asanas), a conscious breathing (Pranayama) and meditation (Dhyana).
Hatha Yoga combines these elements in a form that has fascinated me every day for more then eight years of practice now.

Since Yoga has given me the most precious gift one can get, namely, self-love and pure bliss, I have made it my mission to pass on this gift and show others how they can create it themselves.

Come with me on the journey and learn to listen to yourself, to confess to your own path, no matter what others say and thereby become a balanced and happy human being.

It dosn´t matter how you look on your mat or how flexible you are; whether you can touch your feet with your hands or not – on the mat the only thing that matters is you and how you can soothe the blurred thoughts. You learn to listen to your heart, to trust the intuition and to accept what is. As a bonus you can look forward to a healthy body being in balance of strength and flexibility

You are worth it!

You are curious how my yoga teacher journey begun? Here you can read everything about it.



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